Chris Hilton

Unity Game Developer

2D Galaxy Space Shooter

A 2D space shooter playable on PC that is similar to classic retro arcade games like Galaga.


Within this adventure you are tasked with destroying all the incoming space enemies over a series of 5 waves. Once the final enemy has been spawned in wave 5, the Final Boss wave will start! This boss fight is not as straight forward as it may seem…


I finished and completed the 2D Game Development Course and developed all major gaming mechanics from scratch from player movement, enemies, spawn managers, powers, speed boosts, powers, effects, menus, UI, and more by using C# and Unity3D.

Guide to Beautiful Games - Level Design

Creating beautiful scenes has never been so easy with the Universal Render Pipeline (URP) and the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP).



This project was designed to showcase some of the amazing features available at our fingertips in these pipelines!



The first 4 images are taken from the URP project, with the rest of the photos (below) coming from the HDRP project respectively.



Some of the features used within these projects include:

Screen Space Reflections

Reflection Probes

Light Probes                                      

– Cookies                            

Light Layers                                        

– Volumetric Lights 


Post Processing  

Custom Skybox                                  

Light Layers         

Occlusion Culling 

Fog Particle Effect 

– Decals

Cinemachine & Timeline

This project was created using Unity’s Cinemachine & Timeline and is made up of 3 separate cutscenes (Intro, Idle, Final) and a small gameplay session. The project also includes:


  • Cinemachine Virtual Cameras – Blend List, Point of view (POV) & 3rd Person Orbital Transposer cameras.
  • Timeline Tracks including – Audio, Animation, Activation & Cinemachine.
  • Scrolling Text Dialogue.
  • Fading in/out of cutscenes using Animator & Timeline.
  • Post Processing effects.
  • Short gameplay session controlling the main characters spaceship.
    • Accelerate spaceship feature by holding down ‘Left-Shift’ key.
  • Completely free music & UI components.
  • 3D assets from Filebase (
    • Using Blender to split geometries & flip normals of 3D assets, create separate UV meshes for windows on the spaceships.
    • Using Photoshop to create Emission Maps for 3D assets.


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